Local Planning Appeal Tribunal

(LPAT – formerly OMB)

Duxbury Law appears frequently before the LPAT. Our extensive experience includes conducting hearings pertaining to the most complex levels of municipal planning, especially in the development of new or amended official plans. Such hearings often involve complex issues of standing, sheltering, production of witness statements, and negotiating. These hearings reflect fluid environments in which there are numerous competing interests.

Duxbury Law has a strong working knowledge of the Growth Plan, the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) and the Source Water Protection Act. We are also very familiar with practices and procedures before the LPAT, including Section 43 review hearings.

Regularly dealing with rezonings, consents, minor variances and plans of subdivision, we are very familiar with the Tribunal’s pre-hearing process.

When required, Duxbury Law can also provide co-counsel services, assisting internal legal staff on large hearings that may require two or more legal counsel.