Municipal Law Overview

Duxbury Law acts for various municipalities on a broad spectrum of specialized and complex issues. We have a detailed working knowledge of the Ontario Municipal Act and a wide range of provincial statutes and regulations.

Regularly providing legal advice to municipalities and appearing in camera before various councils, Duxbury Law understands the complexities and time sensitivities inherent in the relationships between municipal staff, senior management and councillors.

We are accustomed to being retained on short notice and providing swift advice or recommendations on urgent matters. In scenarios where additional counsel or specifically experienced counsel is required by municipalities for hearings and trials, Duxbury Law provides co-counsel services.

Duxbury Law also provides “pinch hitting” legal services for municipalities, bridging unexpected absences or turnover of legal staff.

At Duxbury Law, we are team players who seek consensus and resolution where appropriate. We are, however, also experienced trial and tribunal lawyers and know how and when to go to court or conduct a hearing if that becomes necessary.

Fiscally aware from day one, we set budgets—and we honour them.