Business Disputes

Duxbury Law has significant experience dealing with a wide range of business disputes.

We assist our clients in pursuing or defending claims related to the payment of money, partnership and shareholder disputes, construction litigation, and all disputes relating to property, ownership or boundary dispute litigation. We also help clients pursue insurance policy claims.

Difficult and complex commercial litigation problems involving loan transactions, injunctions, fraudulent transactions, breaches of contract, commercial lease disputes and oppression remedies all receive the benefit of our expertise.

Our firm specializes in dealing with complex litigation, unique and difficult dispute circumstances and obtaining emergency orders including injunctions. We deal with large document volume litigation and have extensive experience in dealing with computer-based technology and documentary production issues.

Duxbury Law also specializes in providing co-counsel services. This appeals to clients who still wish to be involved in the direction and strategy of a litigation file but require senior litigation experience before the courts. Our co-counsel services support both in-house legal counsel and municipal corporations with in-house legal staff.