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We are experienced. We are determined.

With 30 years of experience, Duxbury Law’s primary litigator – Brian Duxbury – is a Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation. We know how to go to Court but give our clients practical and common sense advice.

Obtain the services of a specialized law firm.

Duxbury Law is a specialized law firm with significant experience in business disputes, property disputes, construction disputes and Estates and Wills litigation.

Duxbury Law has also developed a significant specialty in municipal law, including hearings before the Ontario Municipal Board and the Niagara Escarpment Commission. We regularly appear before municipal councils and municipal committees. We do work before the Assessment Review Board, Conservation Authorities and have experience with expropriations.

We also have extensive experience in litigation involving defamation, slander and libel issues, shareholder disputes and insurance coverage disputes.

Work with lawyers who know how and when to go to court.

We regularly do trials and hearings, but always work with our clients to achieve early and cost‐effective solutions to disputes whenever possible. Today’s court system allows opportunities for such resolution through mediation and arbitration. When a trial or tribunal hearing is necessary, we have the experience, determination and skills required for success.

Clients have many reasons for choosing to litigate – others find themselves defendants and were never given a choice. We work closely with all our clients to develop strategies that fit their objectives, expectations and financial circumstances. For us, every client’s matter is unique. No course of action for us is ever off-the-shelf.

Receive very competitive rates.

Getting full value for the money is what clients of Duxbury Law always receive. Limiting legal costs is always important, whether you’re an individual, part of a company, or you represent Ontario taxpayers through municipal government.

Get a lawyer who is responsive.

At Duxbury Law, we have remained a specialized litigation firm to ensure that clients obtain customized and personal legal services. We work directly with clients on every aspect of their dispute. We answer our phones and respond to clients in a timely manner. Our litigation and tribunal practice takes us to locales throughout southern Ontario - wherever our clients need us.

Brian Duxbury is a Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation with 30 years of experience. He appears regularly before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and numerous tribunals including the Ontario Municipal Board and has experience before the Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

From a rural Ontario farming family, Brian Duxbury is a graduate of both the University of Toronto - Trinity College and Osgoode Hall Law School.

One of the hardest-working lawyers one will ever meet, Mr. Duxbury is a dedicated family man who is determined to do the absolute best for his clients.

Brian Duxbury is a member of The Advocates’ Society and is designated as a Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation.

T. David Marshall, who comes from a well-known Hamilton legal family, holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees, a Bachelor of Laws degree and a Master of Laws degree.

In addition to developing his legal career as a commercial and administrative law litigator, Mr. Marshall has a particular interest in the study of ethics, political philosophy and law, on which he writes and has lectured.

David has an extensive educational background spanning over 12 years, 4 countries and 3 continents.

  • BA in political science from the University of Waterloo
  • BA in law from Carleton University
  • LLB from Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom
  • LLM from the University of Ottawa
  • Credits in political philosophy and international law from Harvard
  • A certificate in Mandarin Chinese from Hua Dong University in Shanghai PRC

Municipal Law Overview

Duxbury Law acts for various municipalities on a broad spectrum of specialized and complex issues. We have a detailed working knowledge of the Ontario Municipal Act and a wide range of provincial statutes and regulations.

Regularly providing legal advice to municipalities and appearing in camera before various councils, Duxbury Law understands the complexities and time sensitivities inherent in the relationships between municipal staff, senior management and councillors.

We are accustomed to being retained on short notice and providing swift advice or recommendations on urgent matters. In scenarios where additional counsel or specifically experienced counsel is required by municipalities for hearings and trials, Duxbury Law provides co-counsel services.

Duxbury Law also provides “pinch hitting” legal services for municipalities, bridging unexpected absences or turnover of legal staff.

At Duxbury Law, we are team players who seek consensus and resolution where appropriate. We are, however, also experienced trial and tribunal lawyers and know how and when to go to court or conduct a hearing if that becomes necessary.

Fiscally aware from day one, we set budgets—and we honour them.

Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)

Duxbury Law appears frequently before the Ontario Municipal Board. Our extensive experience includes conducting hearings pertaining to the most complex levels of municipal planning, especially in the development of new or amended official plans. Such hearings often involve complex issues of standing, sheltering, production of witness statements, and negotiating. These hearings reflect fluid environments in which there are numerous competing interests.

Duxbury Law has a strong working knowledge of the Growth Plan, the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) and the Source Water Protection Act. We are also very familiar with practices and procedures before the Ontario Municipal Board, including Section 43 review hearings.

Regularly dealing with rezonings, consents, minor variances and plans of subdivision, we are very familiar with the Board’s pre-hearing process.

When required, Duxbury Law can also provide co-counsel services, assisting internal legal staff on large hearings that may require two or more legal counsel.

Tender and Procurement

In matters of tendering and procurement issues, Duxbury Law gives advice to municipalities and, when necessary, conducts trials. We are familiar with the full spectrum of CCDC construction documents and give advice to municipalities on making appropriate revisions to these documents through supplementary conditions. We are also familiar with other related documents, including contracts for architectural services.

Moreover, Duxbury Law provides advice to municipalities, often on an urgent basis, on issues that frequently arise within the tendering context, such as compliancy and bid award procedures.

Freedom of Information (FOI)

Duxbury Law provides advice to municipalities on more complex or difficult FOI requests or appeals. We are familiar with and have a working knowledge of Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) matters, including the grounds and criteria under that legislation for disclosure of documents.

We are also familiar with and have experience in appeals of FOI requests to the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Construction and Bonding

Duxbury Law acts on behalf of municipalities on construction issues and construction litigation encompassing a wide range of municipal projects, including the construction of municipal facilities and other large infrastructure projects. We are also familiar with and litigate in respect to claims on letters of credit or claims against insurance companies on bonds. Duxbury Law is very familiar with the construction law context, which often involves multiple parties and the need to bring high-level coordination and organization to the resolution or litigation of any construction matter. Many of the issues within this area of the law, we observe, revolve around claims for extras, project “creep,” and failure to adequately address or satisfy the municipality’s timelines.

Licensing and By-law Hearings

At Duxbury Law, we act as prosecutors for municipalities on a wide range of contravention issues including prosecutions under the Building Code Act and Property Standards. We serve as legal counsel for municipalities on various licensing hearings and will prosecute matters before licensing tribunals or committees. Additionally, for municipalities, Duxbury Law acts as legal counsel to committees or municipal licensing tribunals.

Our depth of knowledge extends to administrative law practices and principles, including the application of natural justice, fairness, and a working knowledge of the Statutory Powers Procedure Act (SPPA).

Drainage and Flooding

Increasingly, municipalities face the challenge of planning for or dealing with a range of drainage and flood-related issues. More frequently, design standards and technical requirements to address potential flooding are becoming matters of significant importance for municipalities in their long range planning.

Duxbury Law provides advice to municipalities on the current state of the law as it pertains to liability for drainage and flooding issues. We give advice on the standard of care as well as the common law as it relates to drainage matters, including issues of riparian rights. We have experience with the application of the Drainage Act.

Other Special Areas of Practice

Our practice involves a wide range of other statutes that affect the business of municipalities. Duxbury Law frequently deals with conservation authorities and related legislation; the Niagara Escarpment Planning and Development Act (NEC); the Heritage Act; the Assessment Act; practice before the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT); and the Expropriations Act. We also deal with federal matters involving Municipal Access Agreements and the determination of rights under those agreements before the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). If it’s a matter that involves municipalities and legal issues, there’s a strong likelihood that Duxbury Law has had direct experience. Find out why so many Ontario municipalities continue to rely on Duxbury Law to address their legal needs.

Specialized Municipal Issues

Duxbury Law appears frequently before the Ontario Municipal Board. Our extensive experience includes conducting hearings pertaining to the most complex levels of municipal planning, especially in the development of new or amended official plans. Such hearings often involve complex issues of standing, sheltering, production of witness statements, and negotiating. These hearings reflect fluid environments in which there are numerous competing interests.

Duxbury Law has a strong working knowledge of the Growth Plan, the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) and the Source Water Protection Act. We are also very familiar with practices and procedures before the Ontario Municipal Board, including Section 43 review hearings.

Regularly dealing with rezonings, consents, minor variances and plans of subdivision, we are very familiar with the Board’s pre-hearing process.

When required, Duxbury Law can also provide co-counsel services, assisting internal legal staff on large hearings that may require two or more legal counsel.

Business Disputes

Duxbury Law has significant experience dealing with a wide range of business disputes.

We assist our clients in pursuing or defending claims related to payment of money, partnership and shareholder disputes, construction litigation, and all disputes relating to property, ownership or boundary litigation. We also help clients pursue claims on insurance policies.

Difficult and complex commercial litigation problems involving loan transactions, injunctions, fraudulent transactions, breaches of contract, commercial lease disputes and oppression remedies all receive the benefit of our expertise.

Our firm specializes in dealing with complex litigation, unique and difficult dispute circumstances and obtaining emergency orders including injunctions. We deal with large document volume litigation and have extensive experience in dealing with computer-based technology and documentary production issues.

Duxbury Law also specializes in providing co-counsel services. This appeals to clients who still wish to be involved in the direction and strategy of a litigation file but require senior litigation experience before the courts. Our co-counsel services support both in-house legal counsel and municipal corporations with in-house legal staff.

Estates & Wills

No civil litigation matter is more difficult for the parties involved than a dispute over an Estate, a Will or a Power of Attorney.

Duxbury Law deals with a wide range of issues and litigation involving Estates, the interpretation and validity of Wills, and disputes relating to the proper use of Powers of Attorney.

Within this area of practice, we deal with disputes involving removal or replacement of trustees and executors, challenges to wills, trustee and executor compensation or conduct, determining the rights of beneficiaries and pursuing dependent relief claims.

Defamation, Slander & Libel

Protecting your good name and business reputation is important.

Duxbury Law has considerable knowledge and experience in the area of Defamation, Slander and Libel, having worked closely with many previous clients to maintain or repair their good name.

Since the advent of the online world, it has become far too easy for others to tear down what you’ve spent a lifetime building up. With the ubiquity of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email, online media sources – you name it – in today’s world having one’s good name or business reputation maligned is a real problem that Duxbury Law has the experience and expertise to address and rectify.


Other areas of practice in which Duxbury Law has experience settling disputes include:

Wrongful dismissal

Human rights complaints

Property ownership and boundary disputes

Intellectual property, copyright and trademark infractions

Mortgages, guarantees and bank claims

Insurance coverage

Construction disputes and litigation

Real estate disputes and litigation

Shareholder disputes


Property assessment

Environmental land review tribunal hearings

Conservation Authority hearings

Duxbury Law also has experience in what could be characterized as the unusual case – unusual facts, circumstances and complexity involving a wide range of commercial and municipal issues and appearances before multiple tribunals.

For lawyers and law firms seeking specialized litigation counsel for both new and existing clients, Duxbury Law appreciates and respects any referrals, acknowledging that the present and future client relationship begins and ends with the referring lawyer or law firm. We involve the referring lawyer to whatever degree lawyer and client desire.

If you are interested in enlisting the services of Duxbury Law, simply contact us and we can talk about your needs. There is no charge for our initial consultation.

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Tribunal Hearings

Duxbury Law has extensive experience acting for clients before the myriad of Tribunals which govern licensing and discipline issues in Ontario. Our administrative law practice regularly involves us in defending our clients from licensing sanctions or professional discipline. We advocate for our clients’ rights to licences, permits, approvals and professional certifications from government agencies.



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